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A collection of scientific brochures and leaflets written by our expert pathologists.

Cardiomyopathies and arrhythmias The contribution of cardiogenetics in the management and care of patients and their families

93 ko 06/2021 Download

Juvenalis - Information for healthcare professionals

5 mo Update : 2021/03/31 Download

Gene panel SPINK1, PRSS1, CTRC, CPA1, CFTR et CASR for the diagnosis of hereditary pancreatitis

453 ko 24/03/2021 Download

PROSIGNA® (PAM50) prognostic gene expression test for breast cancer

2 mo 22/12/2020 Download

Management of solid tumours in Biopathology

604 ko 10/12/2020 Download

Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing for trisomies 21, 18 and 13 (NIPT)

751 ko 26/08/2021 Download

Juvenalis- Gut microbiota (Information for healthcare professionals)

12 mo 23/07/2020 Download

ALEX® Allergy explorer

2 mo 12/10/2021 Download

Pathological diagnosis and follow up of patients with Mature Lymphoïd Neoplasms

465 ko 18/03/2019 Download

Chromosomal microarray analysis by SNP-array

2 mo 02/2020 Download

Pathological diagnosis and follow up of patients with Acute Leukemia

503 ko 18/03/2019 Download

Pathological diagnosis and follow up of patients with Chronic Myeloid Neoplasms

454 ko 18/03/2019 Download

ABCB1: Genetic testing to optimise the treatment of depression

1 mo 03/01/2019 Download

Tick-borne diseases

2 mo 2018/11/12 Download

Prenatal determination of foetal RhD genotyping from maternal blood (Information aimed at healthcare professionals)

1 mo 2018/10/26 Download

Lung cancer (LC)

782 ko 2018/05/25 Download

Allergy : The diagnostic process Main examinations and interpretation

1 mo 2018/03/27 Download

Fluoropyrimidines (5-FU) Prevention of toxicity and treatment optimisation

2 mo updated 2018/06/07 Download

Allergens and molecular components

1 mo 2018/01/26 Download

Clinical exome sequencing by Eurofins Biomnis - A new diagnostic tool

2 mo Update 2020/04/01 Download

Food intolerances: Diagnosis and guidance for IgG food intolerances

2 mo 27/11/2017 Download

Ovarian cancer : HE4 & ROMA score

2 mo 06/11/2017 Download

Autoantibodies in the diagnosis and follow-up of autoimmune diseases (update)

876 ko 2017/09/28 Download

Cytogenetic and genetic studies in patients with Solid tumors

604 ko 2017/07/18 - updated november 2018 Download

Diagnosis by clinical syndrome - The pathology-oriented PCR panels

1 mo 2017/06/27 Download

Specialised Pathology for Women

542 ko 02/06/2017 Download

Care and Management of Pre-Eclampsia

500 ko 01/01/2016 Download

Faecal Calprotectin

294 ko 11/02/2016 Download

Familial Mediterranean Fever

547 ko 11/02/2016 Download

NIPT Prenatal Screen

266 ko 02/11/2016 Download

Pre-eclampsia prediction screening during the first trimester

204 ko 06/03/2014 Download

Prostate Cancer phi, Prostate Health Index

225 ko 01/13/2014 Download

Progensa™ urine test for PCA3

154 ko 06/01/2012 Download

Allergie : La démarche diagnostique (french only)

155 ko 09/21/2009 Download

KRAS mutation status

305 ko 05/25/2009 Download

Human papillomavirus and cervical cancer screening

202 ko 03/24/2009 Download

Auto immune disease

312 ko 02/05/2009 Download

Diagnosis of Mycobacterial Infections

861 ko 05/20/2008 Download

Lead poisoning in children (french only)

146 ko 01/01/2007 Download

Detection of addictive substances in the urine (French only)

162 ko 02/01/2005 Download

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