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Desferal® testCorticotrope Axis

List of dynamic tests

To investigate suspected iron poisoning (haemochromatosis) or aluminium overload in subjects on haemodialysis.


Desferal® 500 mg, Novartis Pharma SAS.

  • To investigate iron poisoning: 500 mg injected IM.
  • To investigate aluminium overload: slow perfusion of 5 mg/kg Desferal® in normal saline over a period of 30 minutes.

1. Iron overload:

  • Empty the bladder.
  • IM injection of 500 mg Desferal®.
  • Collect all urine for 6 hours after injection.

2. Aluminium overload in subjects on haemodialysis:

  • Blood sample (heparinised tube) at T0 before the haemodialysis session.
  • During the last hour of the session, perfuse the correct dose of Desferal® in normal saline.
  • Take a second blood sample (heparinised tube) at T44 hours after the end of perfusion and before the next session.

Whole blood drawn into a special “Trace Elements” Vacutainer tube (supplied on request). Transport at + 4°C.

  • Iron in the collected urine.
  • Aluminium in the blood samples.

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