LH-RH test

List of dynamic tests

Pituitary stimulation with gonadoliberin or LH-RH.

Measures pituitary stocks of FSH, LH and the gonadotropin alpha sub-unit.


LH-RH (Stimu-LH®, 50 µg vials), Laboratoires Ferring SAS.

  • Adults: 100 µg.
  • Children: 100 µg/m2 body surface area (do not exceed 100 µg).

In pre-menopausal women, this challenge is usually performed in the follicular phase, between d2 and d5 of the cycle.

  • Sample (dry or EDTA tubes) at T-15 and T0.
  • Intravenous injection of the correct dose of LH-RH.
  • Samples (dry or EDTA tubes) T+15, T+30, T+60 and T+120 min after the injection of LH-RH.

After centrifugation, draw off the serum and plasma, and store at +4°C. The samples for alpha sub-unit assays should be frozen.


FSH, LH and/or the alpha sub-unit.




This LH-RH test could be performed in conjunction with:

  • a TRH test,
  • an insulin hypoglycaemia test (in which case it should be performed in the morning because the subject must always be fasting) with or without an arginine test,
  • with an arginine test. The LH-RH test should not be carried out immediately after Synacthen® test. A minimum of 12 hours is required.

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