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TRH + metoclopramide test

List of dynamic tests

Pituitary stimulation by thyroliberin or TRH and metoclopramide to monitor prolactin induction by TRH and then the effect of a dopamine antagonist on prolactin release.

Subject preparation

Fasting and resting for 30 min.

  • TRH (Stimu-TSH®, 250 µg vial).
  • Primperan® (10 mg / 2 ml vial).
  • Adults: 250 µg Stimu-TSH®
  • Children: 200 µg/m2 body surface area, without exceeding 250 µg
  • Adults and children: 10 mg Primperan®.
  • Samples (dry or EDTA tubes) at time intervals: –15 min (T-15) and 0 (T0).
  • Slow IV injection of Stimu-TSH®.
  • Samples (dry or EDTA tubes) T+15, T+30 and T+60 min after the injection of TRH.
  • After the T+60 sample, administer one vial of Primperan (10 mg) by slow intravenous injection
  • Samples (dry or EDTA tubes) T+75, T+90 and T+120 min after the injection of TRH.

After centrifugation, draw off the serum or plasma and store at +4°C.



Side effects

Rare and transient: hot flushes, pins and needles, nausea, headache, dizziness.

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