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Assisted reproductive technology – Embryology – Sperm science

Eurofins Biomnis has been involved in the field of ART for many years, and its specialist medical pathologists are members of French and international academic associations such as BLEFCO [French association of medical pathologists researching the fertilisation and conservation of eggs] and ESHRE.

Two of our facilities with accreditation from the French regional health authorities are dedicated entirely to couples experiencing infertility:

  • The Rhône-Alpine Institute, located within the Val d’Ouest hospital (Ecully)
  • The PROCREO laboratory, located within the Tonkin hospital in Villeurbanne

Both of these facilities carry out full investigation of the cause of infertility in couples, and you will be offered treatment personalised for you as a couple.

Eurofins Biomnis has a particularly well-developed sperm diagnostics unit which can perform the complete range of examinations: sperm count, sperm quality, sperm culture, tests of sperm migration and survival, semen biochemistry, investigation for antisperm antibodies (in seminal fluid but also possibly in the blood of the man or woman, and in cervical mucus), and tests focussing on nucleus quality: analysis of the DNA fragmentation index (DFI) for sperm and the sperm DNA decondensation test using flow cytometry (SCSA® technique), ultrastructural examination of the head of motile sperm (MSOME or pre-IMSI test), and caryotyping by in situ hybridisation (FISH).

Some of these examinations can even be sent to us from a laboratory near you (sperm quality analysis, sperm DNA fragmentation index, antisperm antibodies, semen biochemistry, FISH).

After the diagnosis, these ART laboratories can work in close collaboration with a team of qualified gynaecologists to perform all ART techniques:

  • preparation of sperm for intrauterine insemination (IUI),
  • conventional in vitro  fertilisation (IVF),
  • IVF with micromanipulation (ICSI) or after in-depth analysis of the sperm (IMSI).

In some special cases, the sperm may be removed surgically (epididymal sperm and/or testicular biopsy).

Eurofins Biomnis has also developed expertise in the freezing of gametes and embryos:

  • vitrification of oocytes and embryos,
  • cryopreservation, and elective sperm freezing.

Our laboratories will offer you a method of embryo transfer personalised to each couple: transfer of fresh or thawed embryos at the stage of early embryo cleavage or at the blastocyst stage.

Throughout your journey with our ART centres, you will be supported and advised by medical pathologists specialising in reproduction. You will be able to meet with them to develop together the most suitable strategy for your couple and your individual situation.

In this evolving field, Eurofins Biomnis is participating in many collaborative clinical and biological research studies, both at national and international level. Eurofins Biomnis is involved in many aspects of couple infertility, in particular assessment of the effects of oxidative stress on gametes, embryo culture in a closed system with TIME-LAPSE technology, and assessment of endometrial receptivity using marker genes.

ART laboratories are accredited in accordance with the COFRAC ISO 15189 standard.

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